Peters Map A2 poster

While the Peters Map is superior in its portrayal of proportions and sizes, its importance goes far beyond questions of cartographic accuracy.

No less than our world view is at stake.

EQUAL AREA. This map shows all areas – whether countries, continents or oceans - according to their actual size. Accurate comparisons become possible.

EQUAL AXIS. All North-South lines run vertically on this map. Thus, geographic points can be seen in their precise directional relationship - northwest, southeast, northeast or southwest.

EQUAL POSITIONS. All East-West lines run parallel. Thus the relationship of any point on the map to its distance from the equator or to the angle of the sun can easily be determined.

FAIRNESS TO ALL PEOPLES. By setting forth all countries in their true size and location, this map allows each one its actual position in the world. In this complex and interdependent world in which the nations now live, the peoples of the world deserve the most accurate possible portrayal of their world The Peters Map is that map for our day – updated with latest country changes including South Sudan.

A2 (594mm wide x 420mm high), supplied folded